Basic Features
Nexus 8 speed
Rohloff 14 speed
Reverse Gear
Gear Meters
Luggage Rack
Heavy Load XXL
Technical Data
Frame size
Driver sizes from approx. 1.50 m to 1.95 m (pedelec-version: approx. 1.60 m to 2.00 m)
Shorter: Short cranks or XS shorter main frame. Taller: Longer pedaling unit (please specify).
Total load (driver and luggage): 120 kg
Load on rack: 30 kg
XXL-option for increased load up to 180 kg total load.
Length 153 cm - 174 cm
Wheelbase 93 cm
Width over all(axle bolts at front wheels) 94 cm, track width 84.5 cm
height 93 cm (63 cm with seat folded ),
seat level 43 cm, bottom bracket height 32 cm.
Turning circle approx. 4.20 m
Adjustment range of the bottom bracket bearing
Length of leg
(measured from hinge of backrest to pedal, add 1 bis 2 cm for pushing back seat fabric):
Standard frame: 90.5cm - 120.5cm, pedelec: 97.5cm - 127.5cm
XS frame: 82cm - 112cm, pedelec: 89cm - 119 cm
Measured from cross tube front edge to center bottom bracket axle:
Standard frame: 33cm - 63cm, pedelec: 40cm - 70cm
XS frame: 24.5cm - 46cm, pedelec: 31.5cm - 53 cm
Weight without rack, mudguards, lighting approx. 21.9 kg
Total weight. approx. 23.0 kg
3 wheels of standard size 406 (20 inch), aluminum rims 406 x 19mm.
Tires with reflecting strips: Schwalbe Marathon (40-406),
optional Marathon Plus (47-406),
optional Big Ben Plus (55-406)
Steel/stainless steel, TIG welded, powder-coated.
Specifications subject to change
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